Getting to know me

I am a work from home author and blogger who is a Jill of all trades, master of some.

When I look back at my career I see a ton of mistakes and bad choices, but I own them and don’t regret most. Some were based on need, some ego and some just plain fear. That one is my favorite one as you can see by my introduction.

I have been in survival mode most of my 50+ years as I raised my daughter, survived a bad marriage and dealt with the same life drama that everyone deals with. During the time from when I started my first job till I left my last, I can honestly say that I have made less money than most people do in the first 10 years of their working lives.

There were times when I didn’t need to work, when working was for extra money, and when I was the breadwinner. Yep, I brought home the bacon, fried it up in a pan and more often than not, did everything else that required a plan. And yes, that was suppose to rhyme.

I began to encounter bad bosses in my 30’s believe it or not, having worked since I was 11 that is saying something. By the time I was on my own with a little girl to raise, life began to take on a change I never expected. I had to learn to endure, savor and eat shit. Whether it was working as a cook, maid, cocktail server or even in an office, I began to smell it almost as I walked in the door.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have been a good employee in every place I have worked. I give 110% which soon gave way to someone else only needing to give 90%. Every one loved my ideas, my dedication and my skills. However, soon those made others look bad, and that is when things began to be tainted. Resentment takes the place of admiration, the backbiting and gossip begin, and pretty soon I am not giving my all. When the shine wears to a dull patina and you began to lose your  glow.

That is not to say I am blameless, I am far from it. I have broken some of the fundamental rules for all employees and was not alone in doing them. And people got hurt, worst of all me. So at this point, my pedestal is more like a step stool.

But, for all intents and purposes, I did the best I could and I did not deserve most of the things that happened to me.

But, this book, whether a huge success or a waste of time, is my way of helping myself and others with what they are going through or have gone through. Sharing with someone who has walked the walk can be therapeutic and  lets them know they have someone to share it with.

And to know it wasn’t just my journey to walk alone.

K. Lee

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