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Hi: K. Lee here and I want to thank you for stopping by. I am a work-from-home crafter, writer, fundraiser and blogger. I consider myself a rabid recyler, I love animals, and fight for the underdog. Being a mom and grand ma are the best jobs I have ever had. Being a creative person opens doors to all kinds of things and I try to sample and savor every one. I do what I can to inject humor into what I do and this website will be no different. While the content focuses on the negative aspects of working for others, I will do what I can to remember the absurdity of it all as well. So stop by often and please spread the word. K. Lee

I am thinking of changing the CR ad next run

I changed up some of the wording on the Craigslist ad but might change it again. I am hoping to capture new people and get some new juice!!

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Momentum is slow but sure!

I have two folks who have visited the new blog and I am happy to say their stories are going in the book. I hope people begin to look in the category page and put their stories in there…less thinking … Continue reading

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