Have you ever had a bad boss?

Hi: My name is K. Lee and I am writing an e-book about horrible, terrible, very bad bosses. And yes, I have had my share. Some have been blatant and obvious, others have been covert and egregious.

In the economic times we live in, it’s a employers market for jobs. We all need to pay the bills so we often can’t be as choosy as we like. Bosses can. A few years ago, one needed a minimum of a Bachelors Degree to work at just about any job. Now, degrees are not worth as much as before. We feel lucky to just have a job so we tend to hold onto them, all the while being treated poorly by bosses who remind us daily that we are replaceable.

Is it any wonder workplace stress claims are on the rise?

So, after some trial and error, I have learned that there are many people out there who have a story to tell and I hope you will tell it to me.

Now some of you might think “I am too afraid of being caught”. Let me assure you that I will never use your real name, email or anything that has to do with your boss or former boss. Their current employees and families deserve the discretion that I will afford them. Anyone who decides to share with me will be asked to sign a disclaimer that assures you and them this very protection. This form is optional. However, even if you don’t choose to sign it, the protection is there for me as well.

Now for the meat and potatoes. If you have gotten to this point, I must have piqued your interest. You have taken a small step toward some sense of justice. I am hoping that this forum will prompt you to share with me the details of how and why you were dismissed or quit.

For instance, did you supervisor make crude jokes in front of you and then you were fired for complaining? When the bosses niece needed a job did you suddenly lose yours? What about when you turned 50 and suddenly your desk was packed up. Were you asked to do something illegal the let go because you said no?

These examples happened to me. And no doubt they have happened to you as well. For all I know something like them has happened to every single worker out there in some fashion. Perhaps it hasn’t happened to you but did to a friend or relative. If they want to add their story they are more than welcome to share too.


Now that you know what is needed from you, here is the plan.

I want to have at least 500 submission before I begin editing, but that isn’t etched in stone. I have about 165 and counting. I submitted craigslist posts in major cities and got a few trickling in here and there, then and again. I want a flood. I want my head spinning, my fingers hurting and my eyes dried out from typing till 3am. I work from home so this is my biggest project right now. I work on it daily, even if it’s just in my head.

Now you might be asking “what’s in it for me”? Well, at the very most, a piece of what ever I make from the book. At the very least, a chance to be heard and expose the type of boss you and I have tolerated and survived for years.

Why am I doing this? Bad bosses need to be seen, heard, and called up for their behavior and the damage they do to the people who essentially make them money. Future bosses need to see how not to treat people. And employees need to know how to spot them.

A lot of thought will go into this, with consultations from those who have been there and done that and didn’t even get the tee shirt.

So please think about any and all bad bosses you have had, and give me the details you can remember. Pass this website onto the people in your life who you nursed through a job loss and let them share in my book, too.

My launch date is January of 2014 but I may be done sooner. If I get that flood I want, there might be a book then a blog to continue on. Goodness knows there are enough stories out there to continue to share them.

Thanks for your interest and I hope to hear from you soon.

K. Lee Alexander

11 Responses to Have you ever had a bad boss?

  1. Juan says:

    Wow I think you writing a book about that is amazing! I would love to share my story with you.

  2. Nikole Black says:

    The only job I ever quit: I remember that Ella (very slightly not her real name) was overbearing, but the straw that broke this executive assistant’s back was when I received a memo informing me that displays of affection would not be tolerated in the office–I had kissed my boyfriend (no tongue!) when he came to pick me up.

    • I agree that is a bit ridiculous. I think sometimes the latent feelings of jealousy rise up sometimes, esp’ if you were young and she wasn’t, or you were pretty and she wasn’t…you get the picture. Thanks for the submission. When the long weekend if over, I will have my computer guru help me with the release. What category from the list would you put this in? Thanks again, K. Lee.

  3. RJ Nicholas says:

    Yes I have had bad bosses. Off the top of my head I can think of three, but right now I’ll talk about the last one. I worked in an Archaeological Office on a University campus. I was warned about this boss before I took the job, but I needed a job. I had weathered bad bosses before, but there was just no weathering this one.

    First off, I am a Christian and he was an atheist. Me keeping a Bible on my desk evidently irritated him. He was constantly using fowl language in my presence. The telephone was kept in a cubby hole between my office and his, so I was a witness to most of his calls unless I left the office. He would be on the phone talking with someone and butter would just melt in his mouth so to speak. Immediately after getting off the phone, he would usually come into my office and tell me all sorts of things about the person he was talking with. They were not usually very nice things and things that most people wouldn’t want to share about their so called friends or colleagues.

    I called the home office one day after he had been cursing me to complain and they told me that it was inappropriate and that they would speak with him. Evidently they did because I was then told that I should never call the home office unless he gave me specific orders to do so. The cursing continued of course.

    He took a trip out of town one day and was going to be gone for eight or more days. I thought oh boy this is such a relief, but it turned into a nightmare. He had left me a file folder full of work to do. The next morning I was looking forward to going in. When I opened the folder, my mind just kind of shut down. I had been a secretary for 15+ years and shouldn’t have had any trouble. I called the home office and made arrangements to be off to go to the Doctor since he didn’t leave me with a contact number. I then called my doctor and explained what was going on They made me an appointment for that very same day.

    When I got to the doctor, she examined me and told me that I was suffering from severe depression more than likely brought on by my work situation. She prescribed anti-depressants for me and told me I did not need to return to work for at least a week. I called the home office and made arrangements to have approved time off.

    When my boss got back from his trip, he called me at home. He told my husband that since I had quit I needed to turn in my keys. My husband explained to him that I was off on approved medical leave. He still repeated that I needed to turn in my keys. I called the main office and told them what was going on and that I was scheduled to return to work in a few days. They said not to worry about it and just go back to work at the scheduled time. In the meantime, the boss called again telling me I needed to turn in my keys. So I call the home office again. They told me to just stay off work until Monday, then return as usual.

    Well, when I returned on Monday my key wouldn’t fit the lock. I went to the maintenance office to inquire about this problem and they told me that my boss said I had quit and he wanted the locks changed. I was not even allowed to go in and get my personal belongings without someone being present. He made sure that it wasn’t going to be him. He had a graduate student stand guard over me while I collected my things.

    This man terminated me while I was on approved medical leave and there was nothing I could do about it. The home office would not even stand up to him, but they did not fight me getting my unemployment. But after this experience I could not get a job. I’m sure the man was giving me a bad recommendation even though all my prior job evaluations had been above average to excellent.

    • I don’t know when this happened, but I think there is plenty you can do about it. If you find an attorney who can give you a 30 minute free consultation, you can probably still file a claim. Legally, they can’t do that. Also, now they are only suppose to tell prospective employers when you worked there and if they would hire you back. I would look into it. But, I am def’ putting you in the book. Thanks, I will be in touch soon. In the mean time, I would love your other two experiences? This is the place to be safe and tell what happened. I have found while this might not get anyone in trouble, it sure does help us. Please let your friends know too. I am almost to the 1/3 mark so I am hoping over the next few months I will have that flood I am hoping for. Best of everything, Sandi

  4. ce garrett says:

    I had a horrible work experience working at a restaurant. My boss allowed or did nothing about the drug abuse going on there.Several employees used drugs in the bathroom and one employee sold the drugs in the parking lot. The general manager told them you can clock out now and I will buy you a24 pack of beer instead. There were five people he offered this to, one girl five men. Imwas a shift supervisor and I told the manager these people are drug addicts stop thinking they are the greatest. He didn’t believe me. When these people found out I ratted them out they locked me in the freezer stood there holding the door shut so I couldnt get my work done. Called me a bitch stole money from me I would leave work earlier then they would and leave my area clean I would come to work the next day and the manager would say how come you didn’t clean this the y had thrown food and trash on the floor after I left. I stayed at that job because I was a single mother and the job payed 10 dollars an hour. One day I was sick and I just couldnt take it anymore I had a fever and I came to work any way the main person harrassing me adrian was his name told why dont you just go home no one wants you here anyway. So I left I felt like committing suicide then because my ex husband was harrassing me also but I didn’t because I love my children. You can read on ripoff report online the whole story under panda express. From carla

    • Dear Carla: I hate that when you are just trying to survive. I will def’ be putting you in the book. Thanks for your experience. Did you know they technically kidnapped you? Yep, not letting someone leave a place where they don’t want to be is the same as taking them where they don’t want to go. If it’s not been that long, you might be able to file charges. I sure would have. In any case, where can I find the story? We have a lot of Panda Expresses here in Oregon, so unless they have it on their website, which I doubt, you can please link me. Thanks. Be getting in touch with you all very soon. K. Lee

  5. Dave Townsend says:

    I have a horrible boss story that will blow your mind and I have written proof to verify my stories.
    Let me know if you are interested.


    • Yes. I am and that is why I posted all the ads. I hope that from now on people don’t ask me if I am interested but send me what they want to submit the first time. So, fire away! I am waiting!! K. Lee

  6. J.W. says:

    While I was attending our local community college (in Salem,OR) I found a p/t job at a department store in the Salem Center Mall (the place is spelled with 4 letters, an apostrophy, and an “s” at the end…not too hard to figure out where). I didn’t get the hours that I wanted, around my school time, but I got enough to at least give me some extra money for things I wanted/needed. Anyway, after about 2 months there I was assigned to the “reset team” where, after closing hours, we would change all of the signs to show the next sale. Sometimes it was most of the signs to be changed, and sometimes it was only a few. I was meticulous when it came to scanning the signs and checking the products–and I had a system, but that portion took longer that the rest of the others on the reset crew.

    Nevertheless, when it came time to the print-outs that needed to be hung up I was the one with the LEAST, due to my accuracy in the beginning portion and my attention to detail. When I was finished with my FEW price changes I would ALWAYS assist the other reset team members to ensure that accuracy and timeliness were made a priority. (I’m experiencing some posting issues. Please email for the rest: jwiklson97301@yahoo.com)

    One night, upon arriving

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